Designing Your Row by Row block

4 Tips and Tricks to Creating Your Row
March 4, 2019 by
Designing Your Row by Row block
Laser Cut Quilts, Madi Hastings


Designing a row for your quilt shop can either be stressful, joyful, or sometimes a little bit of both. However, with this year's theme, "Taste The Experience", we're positive the creative juices (pun intended ;) are sure to be flowing! If you're worried about how to start the process of designing your own row, we've got you covered. Here are three of our favorite tips to help you master this year's Row by Row design! 

1. Establish a Focal Point
Modern Domestic's 2018 Row by Row, Summertime "Sound Waves"
It's important to realize that not every aspect of your row should be emphasized. Creating visual hierarchy places dominance over certain objects in your design. Everyone want's a row that catchers a quilter's eye, right!? But how do you achieve this? By simply creating a focal point and using elements of color and shape, you can capture a viewer's attention (sounds so easy when you put it that way)! For example, Modern Domestics' row from the 2018 theme "Sew Musical", uses bold colors and repeating elements of different scale to create a focal point. Immediately, your attention is drawn to the pair of blue, monochromatic headphones, surrounded by pops of vivid color that strategically bring your eye center stage. 
2. Incorporate Unique Elements
Marie Noah's Design of Northern Threads 2018 Row by Row, "Whale Dance"
Why is the design pictured above, by Marie Noah from Northern Threads, so aesthetically pleasing? It's because Marie has succeeded at incorporating movement and rhythm into her row by row pattern! Your eye visually follows the patterns of the waves. The repetition of the elements--waves and whales--makes the whole design cohesive. 
3. Be Creative, Think Outside The Box
The Fabric Garden's 2018 Row by Row, "Harmonic Reflections"
If your idea is a little "out there," but follows the Row by Row theme and would be visually pleasing, don't be afraid to execute on that crazy idea! Cliche is overrated. Think outside of the box, like the Fabric Garden did with their "Harmonic Reflections" block from RxR 2018 (pictured above). Who isn't stunned by the symmetry and creativity of their design!? (certainly not us). 

Don't hesitate to be bold and move away from the status quo in your design (just ensure it's still a theme that your customers will resonate with (pun intended again ;)
4. Don't Be Afraid to Outsource! 
Quiltique's 2018 Row by Row, "Ode to the King," designed by Madi Hastings, our design lead
Certainly, designing and kitting a row can be intimidating, especially with the boatload of other responsibilities that rest on your shoulders as a shop owner. Rather than add to the stress, consider outsourcing your design and kitting! We work with shops in a variety of ways, from converting their designs into PDF printable patterns, to full retail kitting with kits that show up at your shop door, ready to sell! 

Shop owners that we've worked with have been shocked at how cost-effective our design and laser-cutting services have been.  One shop owner in Idaho expressed astonishment at the fabric savings per kit. She said that her customers were chomping at the bit for laser-cut kits, excited at the prospect of time savings and having fabrics that are pre-cut and pre-fused. With the increased value added, shops are selling fabric not just for $12 per yard, but for $36 to $50 per yard without customers batting an eye. That's 3X the sales. And our cutting services only cost a fraction of that.

We're not saying "Buy our products blindly here." Just the opposite. You know your demographic better than anyone--you know what your customers will buy, and when they'll buy it. Create a custom kit with the help of our laser-cutting expertise to develop a specific product that will resonate with your customers, whether that's for this upcoming Row by Row or just if you'd like to start making higher margins and carrying a product that no other shop in your area does. Click the button below to learn more, and email us at to receive a free, no obligation quote for your upcoming project. 
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Designing Your Row by Row block
Laser Cut Quilts, Madi Hastings March 4, 2019
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