Based on Andrew's childhood dream of owning a laser, we trekked down to Las Vegas to purchase one, not entirely sure what we'd do with it once it was home! Shortly after acquiring the new and mysterious machine, Andrew's mother (and owner of a lovely  quilt shop in Idaho ), Rena, asked if we could cut fabric. Andrew and I looked at each other, shrugged our shoulders, and gave it a shot.

After a week of pyrotechnic displays and an apartment that smelled like roasted glue and charcoaled fabric, we figured it out! Local quilt shops started to request that we laser cut their patterns. Andrew and I ran the laser part-time until in July of 2016, we decided to jump headlong and full-time into Laser Cut Quilts.

Now we provide custom laser cutting services for quilt shops and pattern designers, and have our own line of wholesale laser cut quilt kits and patterns. We are passionate about the quilting industry. We love that quilters dedicate their time and energy into helping others and making the world a beautiful place. We want to encourage anyone in that pursuit. We believe that our products invite efficiency and dispel frustration. After all, “a minute saved is a minute earned...in quilting.” We hope you are inspired, uplifted, and encouraged in your creative process by our kits. Happy quilting!

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