Our Row by Row Services

    Designing and kitting a row can be intimidating, especially with the boatload of other responsibilities that rest on your shoulders as a shop owner. Rather than add to the stress, consider outsourcing your design and kitting! We work with shops in a variety of ways, from converting their designs into PDF printable patterns, to full retail kitting with kits that show up at your shop door, ready to sell! Shop owners that we've worked with have been shocked at how cost-effective our design and laser-cutting services have been. 

    One shop owner in Idaho expressed astonishment at the fabric savings per kit. She said that her customers were chomping at the bit for laser-cut kits, excited at the prospect of time savings and having fabrics that are pre-cut and pre-fused. With the increased value added, shops are selling fabric not just for $12 per yard, but for $36 to $50 per yard without customers batting an eye. That's 3X the sales. And our cutting services only cost a fraction of that.

    We're not saying "Buy our products blindly" here. Just the opposite. You know your demographic better than anyone--you know what your customers will buy, and when they'll buy it. Create a custom kit with the help of our laser-cutting expertise to develop a specific product that will resonate with your customers, whether that's for this upcoming Row by Row or just if you'd like to start making higher margins and carrying a product that no other shop in your area does. Email us at custom@lasercutquilts.com to receive a free, no obligation quote for your upcoming project. Scroll down to read through frequently asked questions and get a better idea about exactly how easy working with us really is.

Odoo - Sample 1 for three columns

Laser Cutting with Full Retail Kitting

Send fabric our way, and we'll take care of the rest! Kits are laser-cut and packaged individually with an instruction insert for your customers. Bundle with pattern printing for a ready-to-sell option!

Odoo - Sample 2 for three columns

Design, Pattern Printing & Acrylic Templates

Looking for help developing your row concept, pattern packaging, or a customized acrylic template with your shop's logo to include in kits? We've got your back. Click here to request a free quote.

                                                                    Laser Cutting with Bulk Packaging

Looking to make life easier for your customers and increase your margins at a value price? This option includes laser-cutting and allows you or your staff members to finish the kit collation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:


1. What are my options for Row by Row services? How do I know what I need? (see diagram above)

2. What is the lead time for custom cutting?

        We normally guarantee a turnaround time of 2 weeks (not including shipping time), but during Row by Row, our docket fills up quickly. Make sure to reserve your spot as soon as possible!

3. What do I need to send you to get the ball rolling?

        Send an email to custom@lasercutquilts with the following:

                + An image of your project with its finished dimensions, an estimate of how many kits you'd like, and which of the above options you'd like to pursue

        OR  + Pattern templates of your project, an estimate of how many kits you'd like, and which of the above options you'd like to pursue

4. What should I expect after I have received a quote?

        After you have approved the quote, your request will be passed on to our design team. They will prepare the files for laser cutting and send you a spreadsheet with fabric quantities you'll need to cut, label, and send to our warehouse. Once your fabric has arrived at our warehouse, it will be placed in our production queue for laser-cutting and kitting. 

5. Do you offer price breaks on higher quantities of kits?


6. Can I request multiple quotes to see tiered pricing?

        Yes. If you provide us with the quantity range you're considering, we can send several quotes to give you an idea of what would be cost-effective and in the best interest of your shop.

7. Can I dropship fabric to you?

        Yes. Please notify us beforehand. Remaining fabric from the bolt will ship with your kit order, and shipping overages will be added to your invoice.

8. Do you have fabrics in stock that I can pick from for my Row by Row block?

        Yes, we have a limited stock of basics in our warehouse at your disposal. If you're looking for a specific color or print, please inquire.

9. Do you require payment upfront?

        We require a 50% deposit before your row is placed in our production queue. The remaining 50% may be paid upon shipment.

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