Row by Row: Is it worth it?

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February 3, 2019 by
Row by Row: Is it worth it?
Laser Cut Quilts, Lindsay Hales
It's officially a new year, which's goal setting time! As quilt shop owners, we understand that one of the main priorities in your goal setting is to find successful methods of increasing your shop's sales. But... you know that the hot, sticky summer months tend to be some of the slowest for your shop. Enter Row by Row Experience in 2011, brought to life by Janet Lutz of Calico Gals Quilt Shop. The Row by Row annual event has garnered international attention, drawing thousands of quilters across multiple countries in a race to collect and assemble rows designed by quilt shops. Today, thousands of quilt shops around the country participate in RxR. Perhaps you've participated in this riveting experience yourself! With this year's mouth watering theme: "Taste The Experience," Row by Row is sure to be as delicious as ever.

Just exactly how successful can RxR be for your shop? According to a blog post from the Craft Industry Alliance, "In 2016, Row by Row brought in, on average, 200 more customers (per store) during the traditionally slow summer months. That meant $30 million in sales for the participating shops overall." 

That last number may sound deceiving, but it basically means that with an additional 200 customers walking through your doors, with an average order total of only $30, that's an extra $6000 in the shop bank account. Which means more money for fabric....drool. Just kidding. Inventory control, people!

Let's say you're above average though (of course you are!), like Jennifer Albaugh, owner of Quiltique in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her shop's 2018 RxR design was "Ode to the King," pictured below. With that killer row, designed by Madi Hastings and laser-cut {by yours truly}, she sold over 600 kits! At $25 per kit, that's over $15,000 in Row by Row kits ALONE! 

Still not convinced that Row by Row is for your shop? You must be in it just for the fabric ;)

Here's 4 proven, no-nonsense steps to increase your shop's sales for this upcoming Row by Row event:

1. Design a block that will make quilters drool. 
        Do you get excited about a product that doesn't meet your quality standards? Customers won't be flocking to your shop if your Row design is less-than-stellar. Want a row like Quiltique's Elvis (pictured below) or Stitch n' Snip's 2017 row (pictured above)? With an order of 100 laser cut kits or more, you'll receive a FREE design by Madi Hastings (**some exclusions apply). Email us at for a free quote and consultation.

2. Cut kits of your pattern.
    I've met a few shop owners that have vacillated back and forth as to whether to cut kits for their row. Wake up! No kit, no extra Row by Row sales. Which means you're handing that sale off to a competitor because we all know quilters are expert procrastinators...(amiright?!) Look to your WIP pile if you're still trying to answer the previous question. If you're giving a customer the option, they're thinking, "I'll buy fabric for this pattern at the next quilt shop down the road." Not what you want.
    Consider getting kits cut (for precision piecing or laser-cut applique) for an extra fast finish for customers chomping at the bit to win Row by Row prizes. One shop owner whom we cut kits for last year estimated that she was making almost $40 per yard with her fabric usage and a more than 60% sales margin (after laser cutting). Can't argue with those numbers. Yowza.

3. Utilize marketing platforms and your influence to reach your customers.
    Make sure you're showing off your striking RxR design on every outlet possible. Customers can't come if they don't know what's available. Finish your row early to ensure it's placed on your state Row by Row page, and send "sneak peek" and "big reveal" marketing emails out to your current customer base. Run Instagram or Facebook ads...who knows? You may inspire first-time quilters with your stunner of a row to get out and participate in the event, too. We run a yearly Row by Row campaign free of charge for every shop participating in Row by Row, so check with us on how to enter by emailing

4. Don't get overwhelmed.
    Anytime I start making a list of business to-do's, I start to feel a little overwhelmed. Remember that Rome wasn't built in a day! You've got several months, and with the right strategy and block design, you'll be raking it in come June! Start early and do just one thing today to get the RxR ball rolling: contact us for a free, no obligation quote on laser cutting. Even if you don't have a design concept, we'll schedule a consultation for you with Madi Hastings, and she'll help with everything from concept to pattern writing (free with the purchase of 100+ laser-cut kits**). What are you waiting for?

For inquiries on custom services, email us at 


                                                                                                    Get the Ball Rolling

Odoo CMS - a big picture

"Ode to the King"

Quiltique's 2018 Row by Row block featuring Elvis Presley. Designed by Madi Hastings. Laser cut kits by Laser Cut Quilts.

Row by Row: Is it worth it?
Laser Cut Quilts, Lindsay Hales February 3, 2019
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