FlexiFuse Lightweight Fusible Web

The Ultimate Applique Fusible

For years, we’ve tolerated sticky, gooey, subpar, gummy, crummy, inconsistent fusible web products. Fusibles that gum machines, break needles, fall off projects before we can walk to the sewing table, fusibles that aren't paper backed so you can't even trace the templates!? You've got to be kidding. 

We wanted the perfect fusible, but we considered it unachievable. Turns out we were wrong.

Why FlexiFuse?

Why does the world need another fusible web interfacing? Isn’t what’s already available enough? These are the questions we asked ourselves in the years leading up to FlexiFuse.

For six years, we tried every fusible on the market (you name it, we’ve tried it), but as self-proclaimed perfectionists, we couldn’t settle for a subpar product…we wanted a fusible that wouldn’t gum or break sewing machine needles, that wouldn’t fall off our project between the ironing station and our sewing table, that wouldn’t have gaping holes and uneven coverage! We questioned our sanity – maybe we couldn’t have everything that we wanted in a fusible…maybe we couldn’t have our cake and eat it too!

But cake that you can’t eat is overrated. So we picked up our fork, and developed a fusible web that guarantees smooth stitching, no needle gumming, durability, pliability, consistency, precision, and of course, it’s paper-backed (Applique is already a labor of love). We ran strength, durability, cutting, chemical, and user tests to hone and perfect our formula.

But we don’t just sell FlexiFuse; we use it every single day. It’s already a favorite of seasoned stitchers, longarm quilters, and applique enthusiasts. Of course, this was no surprise to us—after all, it was curated and developed by quilters, for quilters. We released this fusible web at Quilt Market and Festival in November 2018. Thousands of quilters made an applique block with FlexiFuse, and were delighted with the fusible’s soft hand, lightness, and strength.Since then, we've added thousands of FlexiFuse lovers to our ranks. We're excited for you to try it for yourself! Be sure to let us know what you think, and happy quilting!

21" x 3 yard Roll

We've created the perfect size roll for all your quilting, home decor and paper crafts. Each roll of FlexiFuse optimizes fabric usage-- one roll is equivalent to exactly 6 fat quarters of fabric.

 Each piece of FlexiFuse is:

  • Paper-backed
  • Hand & machine sew-able
  • Formulated to provide smooth stitching with no needle gumming
  • Created with a durable bond while preserving your material's soft and malleable nature

8.5" x 10" Sheets 

Our FlexiFuse sheets are made for easy storage and tracing letter-sized pattern pieces. Packages are available in 5, 10, and 25 count sheets.


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