Custom Laser Cutting

Why Laser Cut a Pattern?

1. Your customers want more time: Applique is a time-consuming endeavor...but it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out Madi Hastings' design, “Holi Ganesha,” for example (image of Holi Ganesha). This pattern has over 100 pieces and took me only an hour at the studio to peel the paper and press each piece on the background. Compare that to two full days fusing, tracing, and cutting each intricate piece with a traditional applique method. Not to mention all the fabric you’d waste…

2. Saves money: I’ve heard a couple shop owners complain that laser cutting adds costs that they think customers wouldn’t pay for. But Rena, owner of Stitch n’ Snip, argues, “At my shop, I offer kits of the same pattern in wool and in laser-cut flannel. My ladies love the flannel because the cutting is done for them, and it’s a great selling point for us.” She also noted that, “the laser saves fabric and labor costs, and that offsets the cost of laser cutting.”

3. Unique products that no other shop offers: Stitch n' Snip, a quilt shop in Garden Valley, Idaho, requested that we laser-cut Jason Yenter's BOM pattern, “Sunshine Garden.” While hundreds of other quilt shops carried this pattern and/or kit, only Stitch n' Snip had laser-cut kits available.

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1. You send us fabric

2. We apply fusible to the fabric with a daddy-bear-sized iron

3. We laser-cut your design

4. Laser-cut pieces are collated into kits with instructions included

5. We send the laser-cut kits back to your shop


We have a zero-tolerance policy for copyright infringement. Unless you are the designer of the pattern, we require proof of purchase of patterns before cutting (equal to at least the amount of kits ordered). Patterns must be included with each kit sold. In the event that the customer breaks copyright law, Laser Cut Quilts shall not be held liable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What fusible do you use?

FlexiFuse is the highest quality iron-on fusible in the industry. It adheres well, protects the fabric and glue layers with the paper, peels off easily, and doesn’t gum up your sewing machines or get too bulky with multiple layers of applique.


What’s the lead time on a custom job?

Lead time depends on quantity of kits ordered. A small order of 20 to 25 laser cut quilt kits has a one to two week turnaround time upon receipt of fabric. Fill out our form above to request a free quote. We’ll let you know pricing per kit and turnaround time.


Do you have minimum quantities?

Yes. We require a minimum of a 12 kit order to make it cost-effective for us and you. Do keep in mind that smaller quantities necessitate a higher price per kit. From our experience, cutting at least 24 kits is the best use of fabric.


I’ve heard that laser cutting fabric burns the this true?

Yes. Burning the edges of the fabric is desirable because it prevents the fabric from fraying during shipment and sewing. However, we have calibrated the lasers to burn at a low intensity and move more quickly than other lasers are capable of so that the “burn marks” are virtually unnoticeable, even on white fabrics. Also, some fabric manufacturers apply starches and other chemicals to their fabrics which can effect discoloration. For best results, send high quality quilting fabric for us to custom cut.


Do you include extra laser-cut pieces in case some of the kits are missing pieces?

Yes. We cut extras of each piece, and send them back to your shop just in case.


Do you include instructions for using laser-cut applique?

Yes. Each kit includes an instruction sheet specifying temperature and time to press, along with other helpful applique tips we’ve learned.


I’m a designer and would like a digital rendering of my pattern. Is this possible?

Yes! We love working with designers in their creative process. Whether or not you order laser-cut kits, we can help design vector files, templates, and layout guides for your designs. We have large-scale printing capabilities as well.

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