Our Recent Custom Projects

March 15, 2017 by
Our Recent Custom Projects
Laser Cut Quilts, Madi Hastings

As a custom laser cutter, we get to see hundreds of designs and drool over fabric that shop owners send. We wanted to share some of our favorites from the past few months to inspire your inner creative!

Libs Elliott, pattern designer and fabric extraordinaire over at Andover Fabrics, designed this pattern, “Watcher,” which features her “True Love” fabric line. She initially debated between having us cut EPP templates or the applique itself. As you can see, the laser cut applique won out!

We met Amy Loh Kupser with i-stitch at Quilt Market last Fall, and wowzers, she’s talented. Check out all of her patterns athttp://www.i-bead.com/i-stitch/ and order a laser-cut kit for your shop! This one’s one of our favs.

Wildfire Designs Alaska designed this beautiful "Into the Wild" table runner series. A shop owner asked if we could cut it instead. We were able to save them money and fabric, and the results are simply gorgeous! 

This Bertie's Spring sample (pattern designed by Bonnie Sullivan) is cut from darling flannels, from Bonnie's "Woolie Flannels" fabric line. Many shop owners have now requested laser-cut flannels as a substitute for wool because of the cost and amount of handwork that wool requires.

The amount of tiny applique pieces in the "Mistletoe Lane" block of the month is slightly ridiculous, despite how enchanting the pattern is. So...we took care of that ;) No tracing, fusing, or cutting for this shop's customers!

Thanks for reading through...We’ve recently cut many row by row designs that we can’t share...YET! To reserve your spot in our production schedule before June 1st, fill out a request for a free quote by clicking the button below. We can cut quilting cotton, flannel, and minky. If you’d like a pattern cut for your shop (that you haven’t designed yourself), we require proof of pattern purchase or permission from the designer to prevent copyright infringement.

Our Recent Custom Projects
Laser Cut Quilts, Madi Hastings March 15, 2017
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